Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rain, rain and more rain

Daintree has received over 1 metre of rain in the past 12 days! 318 ml on Saturday alone. It's tough - so sloshy underfoot, mould growing on everything, nothing dries, the river, creeks and roads are flooded, people get stranded, landslides and trees coming over because the soil is so waterlogged. Nothing major really, but we feel like we are ready for a break!
The poor old birds are feeling it as well as the nectar and fruit supplies are so much less available. Two of most endearing local birds are also two of the most enduring, despite the conditions.
Any moment the Olive-backed Sunbird sees a break in the weather, they are straight into the ginger flowers for nectar.  The male is particularly beautiful.

The Rainbow Lorikeet is another fabulously busy bird who will eat fruit or nectar (they have specially developed brush like tongues) and adapt well to any conditions.

Big groups of Channel-billed Cuckoos about in Daintree at present, sharing the tops of the trees with the large numbers of Spectacled Flying Foxes that seem to surviving 'the wet' as well.

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