Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beach favourites

A fairly miserable start to our normally-gorgeous-winters this year, with some rain and lots of cloudy days.
It hasn't been such great weather for getting out to The Great Barrier Reef, but there has been some good birdwatching along the beach areas.
Regular sightings of Beach Stone-Curlew are happening along Wonga Beach, at Newell Beach and along Myall Beach.

Restricted in range to the coastal parts of Northern Australia, the Beach Stone-Curlew (or Beach Thick-knee) inhabits the beaches (usually one pair for each beach) and are normally quite shy and easily disturbed. Tidal mudflats and mangroves are other suitable habitats.  They are often a difficult bird for visiting birdwatchers
With huge bills they feed on crabs and other marine invertebrates.

Other recent beach sighting include Collared Kingfisher, Sacred Kingfisher, Pied Oyster-Catcher and Grey-tailed Tattler, along with Osprey and White-bellied Sea-Eagle.