Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Lovely Fairy-Wren

Overseas people often say that they love Australian birds because they are 'colour-coded'. It's true - we have some wonderful colorful species, and the uniquely Australian family of Fairy-Wren is a great example. With names like Superb, Splendid and Lovely Fairy-Wren, it says it all.
The Lovely Fairy-Wren is only found in Far Northern Qld, and is the brightest of them all. The female is quite blue (whereas in other species they are mostly brown) and the male is stunning with blue, red and black.

Family groups of Lovely Fairy-Wren are seen around Daintree Village, with Stewart Creek Rd and the gardens of Red Mill House being likely locations. A group seen this week had two brightly coloured males - usually it is one male to three or four female or immature. Such a treat to see.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Andrew and Trish from Red Mill House will be running the Australian Birdwatching stand at this year's British Birdfair, representing birdwatching businesses from around Australia.
The British Birdfair is the largest birdwatching event in the world, with over 20,000 people attending and over 300 displays.
The aim for "Australian Birdwatching" is to convince the British birdwatcher that it is still good value to visit Australia and, with over 300 endemic species, Australia is a 'must do' for birdwatchers.
Come and see us Marque 4, stands 41 and 42. We'd love to see some familiar faces!